The list for 2011 is being reconstructed!

 The Challenge Objects for 2011 were:

December   M33   Triangulum Galaxy in Triangulum
November   NGC 281   Nebula/Cluster (Pac Man) in Cassiopeia
October   NGC 7380   Nebula in Cepheus
September   NGC 6946   Galaxy in Cepheus
August   NGC 6819   Open Cluster (Fox Head Nebula) in Cygnus
July   NGC 6645   Open Cluster in Sagittarius
June   M102/NGC 5866   Galaxy in Draco
May   M97   Planetary Nebula in Ursa Major
April   MGC 3190   Compact Galaxy Cluster in Leo
March   NGC 2419   Globular Cluster (Intergalactic Wanderer) in Lynx
February   NGC 2261   Hubble's Variable Nebula in Monoceros
January   NGC 1333   Nebula in Perseus