The list for 2013 is being reconstructed!

 The Challenge Objects for 2013 were:

December   NGC 40   Planetary Nebula in Cepheus
November   IC 1747           Planetary Nebula in Cassiopeia
October   IC 5146   Cocoon Nebula in Cygnus
September   NGC 7044   Open Cluster in Cygnus
August   NGC 6791   Open Cluster in Lyra
July   NGC 5981/5982/5985   Galaxy Trio in Draco
June   NGC 5466   Globular Cluster in Bootes
May   Gamma Virgo (Porrima)   Double Star in Virgo
April   NGC 2672/2673   Galaxy Pair in Cancer
March   M46/NGC 2438   Open Cluster/Planetary in Puppis
February   Melotte 71   Open Cluster in Puppis
January   NGC 1579   Diffuse Nebula in Perseus