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Death Valley Winter Star Party - January 27 - 28, 2017

Important Update!

Astronomers with telescopes should follow the directions and the arrows on the map below to access the

Observing Field for the Death Valley Winter Star Party!


Our Winter Star Party in Death Valley is fast approaching.  Join us for two wonderful evenings under the dark skies of the largest International Dark Sky Site in the Unitied States, at Furnace Creek Resort in Death Valley.  Make your plans and reservations to attend now.  

Event Schedule
Friday, 27 January - Sunset (approximately 5:02pm)
5:30pm - Astronomy in the Park begins (Public invited)
8:00pm  - 8:30pm - Laser-guided tour of the Night Sky
11:00pm - Public portion of Astronomy in the Park concludes   

Saturday, 28 January
10:00am - 2:00pm - Solar Observing in front of the General Store (Public invited)
Sunset (approximately 5:03)
5:30pm - Astronomy in the Park begins (Public invited)
8:00pm  - 8:30pm - Laser-guided tour of the Night Sky
11:00pm - Public portion of Astronomy in the Park concludes   

Important Participant Notes - All astronomers with telescopes on the observing field will be expected to abide by the following conditions/requirements:

  • All telescope tripod legs must be marked by red glow sticks or red LED lights to prevent visitor trip hazard.
  • Computer screens must be shielded by red plastic or enclosed to protect other observers' night vision.
  • Astronomers are expected to be set up and ready to interact with the public by Sunset, and until 11:00pm, Friday and Saturday evenings.  Vehicle access to the Observing Field at the Furnace Creek Golf Course Driving Range will be restricted at the onset of darkness (approximately 6:15pm).  Vehicles entering or leaving the Observing Field after this time must be ground-guided into and out of position on the Observing Field.
  • Only astronomers with telescopes will have vehicle access to the Observing Field.  No large vehicles or RVs are allowed on the Observing Field

Note:  The Furnace Creek NPS Campground will be open during our October Star Party dates - Reservations can be made for camping spots at http://www.recreation.gov. Don't forget to register with the LVAS if you will be occupying a position on the Observing Field - Only Astronomers with telescopes need to register.

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Click here to see the current list of registered attendees.

Lodging Info - Reservations can be made at the Furnace Creek Resort.  Make reservations by calling Phyllis Nefsky, our Hostess at Furnace Creek, directily at 760-786-3353 to check availability of rooms at discounted rates.  The normal reservation desk will not know about the discount rate.  You must be an active member of the LVAS to receive discounted lodging rates.

Click here or on the map above for an interactive map of the Furnace Creek Resort area and the Observing Field.

Astronomy in the Park

The Rangers (of Red Rock Canyon, Spring Mountain Ranch, Lake Mead, and the Desert Wildlife Refuge) and the Las Vegas Astronomical Society invite you to join us for "Astronomy in the Park".  The LVAS tries to host Astronomy in the Park public stargazing events every month, except the month of December.  These events are held at the local State and National Parks around the Las Vegas Area.  Venues include Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, the National Desert Wildlife Refuge and sometimes the new Spring Mountains Visitors Center and local parks in the Valley.

A typical "Astronomy in the Park" evening begins with an astronomical presentation (when presentation facilities are available) followed by viewing of the night sky through the telescopes of the LVAS members (weather permitting).  A laser-guided tour of the night sky,  "What's Up Tonight" will normally begin about an hour after sunset.  Come study the Moon, observe the planets, and look back hundreds and even millions of years into the ancient past of the Universe as we gaze upon galaxies, nebulae, and other wonders of the night sky.  Our events are suitable for all ages.  Special video-assisted systems are often available to provide an enjoyable evening of stargazing for children and old adults that may have difficulty viewing at the eyepiece of a telescope, everyone is welcome to attend.

Important Note for Events at Red Rock Canyon Visitors Center:  Try to be in the park before Sunset.  Rangers will close the entrance gates at Sunset.  DO NOT ENTER THE PARK THROUGH THE EXIT GATE - There is s substantial fine if you are caught entering at the exit.  If you arrive after the gates are closed, just park outside the park and walk up to the Visitors Center.  See below for map to the Visitors Center.

For events at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park:  If the Entrance Gate is locked, you may enter the Exit Gate, being careful to watch for exiting traffic.

Note for Guests with Dogs/Pets:  Although the Parks allows dogs/pets, we encourage you to leave your pets at home for these public events.  Some guests are not comfortable around dogs, especially large breeds.  Also, the observing areas are normally not well lighted to protect everyone's night vision.  As such, dogs/pets, especially small ones, are difficult to see in the dark and may be stepped on or they may trip other guests.  Pets brought to Astronomy in the Park events must be kept on a short leash (six feet or less) and must be kept away from any telescope equipment.  Pet owners are responsbile for any damage done by their pet to any equipment or property at one of our public events.

Below is a list of tentative public events and the venues at which they are currently scheduled to occur.

2017 Tentative Schedule

Month   Venue/Location Topic/Focus
January Jan 7 Neon Museum Stars and Stardust
February Feb 4 Boulder Beach Amphitheater Winter Celestial Wonders
March Mar 4 Red Rock Canyon Galaxies
April Apr 1    Spring Mountain Ranch State Park  
December   No Event This month